Welcome to the Parker District

Serving the needs of the people of western Greenville for nearly a century

As the Parker area was bustling with newcomers seeking to work in the burgeoning textile industry fueling Greenville’s growth, the need arose for reliable water and sewer services. As a result, the Parker Water and Sewer District formed in the 1930s to serve that need.

Shortly thereafter, a need arose for fire protection and  the Parker Fire Department was born with one truck and one driver.

Today, these two organizations, so integral to the growth of this area, are one entity, Parker District Sewer and Fire Subdistrict. From a handful of dedicated individuals who cared deeply about the people here in the 1930s to our modernized, highly developed workforce of nearly 100, we are just as dedicated to service as ever. Just tell us what you need!

Parker Fire Department

Parker Sewer District