Services Not Offered

The following are services that are NOT offered by Parker Sewer District.

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Service Line Cleaning
  • Service Line Repair
  • Other Private Property Sewer Issues (such as wastewater drainage within or under the house)

In most of these cases, you will need to call a plumber. To see a list of plumbers that frequently work in the Parker District, please click here. Parker District does not endorse or recommend any of these contractors, but merely presents this list as a convenience for Parker residents. You are urged to use care when selecting a plumbing or septic tank contractor. You should get price quotes from several contractors before having any work done at your home or business.

The service line, or sewer lateral, is the line that comes from the home or business and carries wastewater to the sewer main line. The service line is the responsibility of the property owner to own and maintain.

All septic tanks are owned and maintained by the property owners.

There are certain situations where Parker Sewer District will assist the property owner with sewer problems that relate to their service line or septic tank. To see if your circumstances qualify, please call Parker Sewer District’s office at (864) 467-4030.