Installation and Maintenance

Manhole Install


A sewer manhole gives sewer employees access to clean, televise, and otherwise inspect the sewer. As part of operations and maintenance, and rehabilitation, Parker District often installs, replaces, and repairs manholes.







Mainline Open Cut


Parker Sewer Department has more than 260 miles of sewer mainline.

We have two different types of mainline:

  1. Gravity — Gravity lines are the typical type of sewer line used to move wastewater downhill it reaches a treatment plant.
  2. Force Main – Force main sewer lines carry wastewater from pump stations to gravity sewer lines.




ROW Clearing


Right-of-Ways are easements that Parker Sewer Department has where lines go through private property. These sewer lines must be maintained too, so the right-of-way must have plant and tree growth cleared when necessary.






Pump Station

Pump Stations

Parker District owns and maintains six pump stations. These stations pump wastewater uphill through force mains to gravity lines. 








Biological Grease Treatments

Biological grease treatments are used to reduce grease deposits in various areas around the District. If left untreated, grease can lead to sewer blockages. To see more information about grease problems and what you can do to help, click here.





Emergency Stoppage


Our administrative offices are open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our field crews work weekdays from  7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, we have personnel on-call to respond to sewer emergencies. Once on site, our personnel will decide what needs to be done and inform the owners/renters on scene. If you need a plumber, we provide this list of master plumbers in the area, click here. If you are in need of service, call us at (864) 467-4030.





Overflow Manhole


If you see sewer on the ground, please call us immediately at (864) 467-4030. This is a public health hazard and can be very dangerous. It can also pollute the local waters if it enters a ditch or stream. 







GPS Work

GPS work

We are gathering Global Positioning System (GPS) data for every manhole in Parker Sewer and Fire District. This will make Parker’s maps better, with manholes marked within an accuracy of three feet.