Sanitary Sewer Connection Application

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NOTE: Effective March 1st, 2012, all sewer permit applicants will be required to have all their plumbing contractor information ready before the permit will be issued. If the permit requires the plumbing contractor’s master plumber’s license, a copy of the plumber’s license will be required before the permit will be issued. Work requiring the services of a master plumber include, but are not limited to:

  • New Connections
  • Any work on a public Right-of-Way
  • Any activities involving a Parker Sewer Main

All demolition (demo) permit applicants will be required to have all their demolition contractor’s contact information before the permit will be issued. Property owners doing demolition work or capping a sewer line on their own property are not required to furnish contractor information.

Please notice: If this is a “Re-Connection” of previously serviced property, prior service to property must be confirmed. Existing cleanouts at property lines must be verified by Parker within 24 hours. Possible TV of sewer service lines.

Applicant must be the property owner or acting as the owner’s representative. Parker District will issue a Sewer Connection Permit within 24 hours of application submission if approved and acceptable in accordance with District policies and procedures.


Property Owner Information

Location of Work Information

Plumber/Contractor Information

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